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  • Web Design

    There are a lot of ways to build a website. Which one is right for your business? Well, no one knows your business like you do. Your website should reflect the products and services you provide in the same manner that you communicate them to the public already. No one sells your business like you do, either. That’s why every approach to web design is different. Throwing a large content management system like Wordpress at someone may not be the best fit. In fact, there are a lot of advantages to having a static site as well, like being impervious to hackers and DDoS attacks. I discuss other advantages to static pages in my article about Hugo. I used Hugo to build this site, and it literally takes me five minutes to add a new page or article.

  • Website Security

    Concerned about how safe your data is? We provide a detailed analysis of your site’s health. This includes everything from your server’s firewall, its database to the code that runs your site. Generally about 75% of compromised code isn’t noticed by commercial virus scanners. We’ve seen some pretty slick stuff. Modern day hackers are pretty savvy and there’s no shortage of seedy server providers with top of the line equipment for hire. Curious about website security? It’s worth a look.

  • Website Compliance

    There are two main compliances most people ask about, PCI Compliance and GDPR. Generally, if your site collects and/or processes credit card information, a PCI compliance review may be in order. Several companies offer PCI compliance testing, but their sites are hard to navigate and the technical questions and failed server scanning notices can be overwhelming. We can help you mitigate this and possibly offer some solutions to help minify your compliance requirements, like implementing 3rd party offsite payment methods. As for GDPR, unless your site caters to a European audience this type of compliance may not even be necessary for your site. Feel free to call us and ask.

  • Server Management

    Once the technology or traffic has reached the limitations of the hardware it is difficult to downsize for the sake of cost. Conversely, it may be impossible to upsize, expanding into newer technologies without completely renovating the website. This could also indicate it is time to choose a different framework than what was initially budgeted for. Whether it’s choosing a new plan or maintaining your current equipment, we’d like to help you figure that out.

  • Database Design

    As data collection grows a number of bottlenecks will become evident. Of primary concern are your web host’s resource limitations. Relational databases may require server adjustments, optimization of indexes or modifications to the code that requests the data. Non-relational databases may simply be running out of room! For websites and applications that are heavily database dependent, a routine review and maintenance policy should be created. Experiencing issues with your current maintenance plan?

  • PHP Development

    The most popular content management systems out there are developed with PHP. It is still the most economical launching point for custom database driven web design available. Although there are plenty of shiny new speedier web technologies to choose from we still really like PHP and live in it every day! Have an older site that was developed in PHP? We’d be happy to review it and make some recommendations.