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Making Friends wiith Podman Containers

With the recent developments at CentOS, I’ve been taking some time to explore Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL).

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Using Hugo Pipes to Bundle Scripts

Hugo is pretty forgiving. If you are already familiar with web design, there isn’t much pain involved with working with the existing templates available.

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Hugo, Back to Old School Static

I just built my site with Hugo. Hugo grabbed my interest from the simple fact that I could unload a bunch of code, scale down and experiment with some old school static HTML.

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Could Biometric Data Collected From Wearables Really Lower Your Health Insurance?

The short answer is yes, because who wouldn’t want affordable health insurance? Samsung has recently announced a new partnership with iptiQ, a company who is looking to fill the gap for millions of families who are still uninsured in the US.

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Internet Privacy and Its Affect on Web Development

The Internet is an historical landmark of the 21st century. It can rightly be considered one of the seven wonders of our modern world.

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Let's Talk About Monopoly and the Flow of Information

The Internet has rapidly changed the face of economies, politics, and national boundaries. Economist T.J. Styles argues that the process to regulate these is not nimble enough to keep up.

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