BridgeSense Turns Publisher

alt text The past two years have been a bit odd. There was a period of time where most of our clients weren’t working. The whole economy was shut down. The only thing humming around here were the web servers, which I kept up with the hopes things would turn back to normal.

The troubles aren’t over, either. A worldwide pandemic has been replaced by failing economies and a world at war. Again, we hope for the best and look forward to peace and security.

Just because I wasn’t working at my normal tasks doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy. During the throws of isolation, I dabbled a little on my artistic side. From that came several card games and a book!

I wasn’t planning on being a publisher, but a generous reader of my work on a forum at decided to take it upon himself to prepare my work for publishing.

Giampiero Randazzo is well know for his art and animation. His work has been featured on several films. What he did with my creative content is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It is because of his dedication and tireless work on this project that Singing Crow came about.

I never thought I’d ever publish a book, let alone card games. Sometimes the direction we expect our life to take finds a few twists along the way. I’m not sure what this new direction will bring, but what I can be sure of is that there are more surprises to come.

I invite you to check out There we start with a story about those we’ve lost recently and things found again.

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