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alt textTom and Tina Sjogren, two professional explorers from the US who have tackled both the North and South poles and Mount Everest with bleeding edge technology wanted to carry their experience into emergency management. SituGlobal was born from the desire to provide an emergency management tool that could be used in a variety of applications from disaster relief to civilian security services.

Tom and Tina are already accustomed to working off the grid. They had already developed mobile technology around BGAN, breaking the record in high altitude broadcasting in 1999 on Mount Everest. They have also developed a suite of expedition software used by explorers and scientists to track their positions in the field and upload multimedia to a centralized data server.

What if you had a mobile app on your phone that let you know when something bad in your area had happened and that it might be a good time to evacuate? What if a disaster has already happened and you were unable to evacuate? Who would you notify for help and how would they find you? SituGlobal addresses these problems while providing a groundbreaking set of tools for emergency management teams.


The Mobile Application

SituGlobal was developed for the iOS and Android platforms. It provides the public warnings of emergency events around the world from feeds distributed by PTWC, RsoeEdis and USGS. The application also provided an emergency communication link between the user and an extraction team through position tracking, status updates and private messaging. For areas where cell service is unpredictable, plugins were developed for DeLorme inReach, Spot, and YB devices.

Incident Command Tools

alt textEmergency personnel assigned to the user have the ability to communicate with them through browser based tools that display positional data, patient status and recent updates from other relief services. Imagine the comfort and piece of mind knowing someone knows where you are and how to help.

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