Website Security

White Hat Services

Concerned about how safe your data is? We provide a detailed analysis of your site’s health. This includes everything from your server’s firewall, its database to the code that runs your site. Generally about 75% of compromised code isn’t noticed by commercial virus scanners. We’ve seen some pretty slick stuff. Modern day hackers are pretty savvy.

alt textA new phenomenon on the scene are online stores where anyone can purchase code designed to compromise a website. Vast networks of server farms are available for hire to manage automated hacking bots. The Internet of things is unsafe to say the least – you should be protected.

Hack Investigation

Your site has just been defaced before an important meeting with an investor. Unfortunately, this is an all too frequent scenario. We specialize in hack investigation and data recovery. Even in the worst web hosting environments, there are tools we can use to determine how the attack happened.

Generally, though, it is near impossible to locate where a hack originated from. However, if the damage is a significant monetary loss it may warrant an International investigation. We can be your proxy to the appropriate authorities and resources. Though, the best practice is to be proactive about site security, locate vulnerabilities and deal with them in a timely fashion.

Website Recovery

It can take several hours to manually scan code looking for offending backdoors and other vulnerabilities left by hackers. In the worst case scenario, a recovery may also involve a database. A website compromise is like cancer – it’s always helpful to get a second opinion. We build websites – we also specialize in bringing them back from the brink of disaster.

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