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Web & Mobile Development
  • Web Hosting
    The type of hosting needed largely depends on the website technology in use and the amount of traffic that is expected. provides and manages dedicated servers, virtual private servers and shared hosting spaces.  There is room for each of these technologies.

    Already have hosting?  We work with many popular services like Amazon, Dotblock, GoDaddy, Google App Engine and Rackspace.

    Front End Development
    There are two parts of the development cycle mentioned quite a bit.  Front end development includes artwork, written content, and template design.  More often we find that much of the project that was considered backend development is being offloaded to front end teams.  This delivers a more dynamic experience to website browsers.  It also gives us more versatility to produce complex software for the Internet.  Since this is the interface visitors of your site will interact with, keeping up with the latest technologies they are using is important.

    Back End Development
    The back end development team is concerned about performance, planning the framework and security features that drive front end development.  How are the chosen technologies going to run?  Will there need to be a database?  How fast will it grow?  From what locations will the website be accessed most?  A relational database or non-relational, or a bit of both – that is the question.  Responsive, dynamic and data driven – your site needs to keep up with your business!

  • Content Management
    Your website should communicate everything you need to say.  Have creative and compelling content written on your schedule!  Need someone to juggle your new product images?  We will plug right into the business tools you already use like QuickBooks, Fishbowl, Netsuite and other popular inventory management systems.  Build the perfect solution that your team can manage.

  • Database Optimization and Management
    As data collection grows a number of bottlenecks will become evident.  Of primary concern are your web host's resource limitations.  Relational databases may require server adjustments, optimization of indexes or modifications to the code that requests the data.  Non-relational databases may simply be running out of room! For websites and applications that are heavily database dependent, a routine review and maintenance protocol should be created.

    Addressing Technical or Systemic Problems
    There is an eventuality with all websites no matter how well they were produced.  Web hosts frequently update their systems to handle security issues.  Web browsers are constantly changing their presentation.  A popular mobile device introduces new technology.

    We can assist you with a single problem that has been plaguing your development team or build a long-term relationship through bug tracking and management solutions.

  • White Hat Services
    Concerned about how safe your data is?  We provide a detailed analysis of your site's health.  This includes everything from your server's firewall, its database to the code that runs your site.  Generally about 75% of compromised code isn't noticed by commercial virus scanners.  We've seen some pretty slick stuff.  Modern day hackers are pretty savvy.

    A new phenomenon on the scene are online stores where anyone can purchase code designed to compromise a website.  Vast networks of server farms are available for hire to manage automated hacking bots.  The Internet of things is unsafe to say the least – you should be protected.

  • Website and Database Migrations
    Generally the first thing we consider when dealing with a lethargic site is what equipment needs to be upgraded.  Before updating web technology that is addressing a bottleneck, the host provider's equipment has to be able to handle it.  Making those changes all at once may not be the best solution for your business or the bottom line.  We can help you wade through the technology you are currently using so that any limitations are clearly presented.  Then we devise the best approach for handling your unique situation.

    Mobile Applications
    Is it time to build the bridge between your website and wearable technologies?  There's so much data out there and fascinating ways to apply it!  To that end we provide Android and iOS application development.

    One of the limitations of cellular based services is location.  Internet service may not be available in the field or during a disaster when access to your data is vital.  SituGlobal is a wonderful case study of one of our clients that wanted to address that issue by utilizing several civilian-based satellite services.  The integration of mobile services into web technology was inevitable, and the possibilities we have today are exciting!

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    500+ changes are implemented to Google's search algorithm every year

    Search Engine Journal
    Search engine technology is changing every day.  It's a full time job just to keep up with it.  Whether it is making your site more search engine friendly or managing your ad campaigns, we want to get the results you need right away.

    Without statistics on web traffic, it is difficult to get an assessment of your return on investment.  Unfortunately even popular services like Google Analytics can change overnight.  It is often better to incorporate a hybrid of locally collected data along with data gathered from these third party services.  On the other side of the coin, many businesses just aren't interested in a complete technical analysis of their website traffic.  We listen to you and will fashion a solution that works with your business.

    Campaign Tracking
    There are a lot of great third party services for managing email campaigns, feeds and promotional ads.  Why reinvent the wheel?  We can help you wade through it all to select the best solution that fits well with long- or short-term events.

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  • CMS and Plugin Updates
    Wordpress is the most frequently used content management system (CMS) on the Internet.  That also makes it the most frequent system hacked.  In most cases our investigations turn up back doors and other vulnerabilities that have been in operation for over a year.  With new automated hacking technologies, this becomes a real issue.  If a website is not maintained regularly, it is not a matter of if, but when it will be hacked.

    We offer comprehensive plans for maintaining your CMS and work with a variaty of frameworks.  Whether it is Django, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress or X-cart we can put together a maintenance plan that will keep your site and data safe. 

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  • Hack Investigation
    Your site has just been defaced before an important meeting with an investor.  Unfortunately, this is an all too frequent scenario.  We specialize in hack investigation and data recovery.  Even in the worst web hosting environments, there are tools we can use to determine how the attack happened.

    Generally, though, it is near impossible to locate where a hack originated from.  However, if the damage is a significant monetary loss it may warrant an International investigation.  We can be your proxy to the appropriate authorities and resources.  Though, the best practice is to be proactive about site security, locate vulnerabilities and deal with them in a timely fashion.

    Website Recovery
    It can take several hours to manually scan code looking for offending backdoors and other vulnerabilities left by hackers.  In the worst case scenario, a recovery may also involve a database.  A website compromise is like cancer – it's always helpful to get a second opinion.  We build websites – we also specialize in bringing them back from the brink of disaster.

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