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ReDirect Guide Releases 12th Edition
by Francis Meetze on May 15, 2012

I had someone ask me a few months ago why I was in the ReDirect Guide.  He said that my business wasn’t even remotely environmentally conscious.  “True”, I said.  “But it has changed the way I do my business.”

The ReDirect Guide provides a local business directory showcasing businesses that have went “green”.  The service is more than a phone book.  It is a great business network embraced by those who have stepped “out of the box.”

Anyone who can evaluate how their business affects the environment and can direct those changes into their company must have a lot of passion.  It's always nice to hobnob with those people, because success always follows passion.

The ReDirect Guide is a great model.  I am surprised that it hasn’t caught on in more cities.  The idea is contagious because a company is always gauged by the impact it has on the lives of others.  True, I don’t sell “green” lawn furniture, but I do use recycled paper. offers a complete solution to help businesses navigate any stage of their web development.

Four Components of Good Design

If I could relay just one piece of advice that will propel your website to success, it would be this:  it’s all about you!  I am sharing the secrets of the trade that will help you become more intimate with your site.  Once you understand them, you may never view the Internet the same way again.
A website without community is no more effective than a brochure that eventually gets tossed.  If your website quickly loses interest after a few short promotional campaigns, this section is for you.
It is not the amount of money thrown at a website that makes it successful.  What components do you invest in?  Is what you are focused on really in alignment with your business plan?
To be released soon...
The velocity at which new technology is entering the market is insane!  You don’t have to be to keep up.  Learn about the working elements that are present in all the upcoming technologies.
There is some really bad advice about providing online support that will send your business into a downward spiral.  If someone has convinced you that online support is less work and can save your company money, you may be missing some important information.


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